吉田 靖
Yasushi Yoshida

これまでに三枚の作品『Secret Figure』(2006)、『Little Grace』(2008)、『Grateful Goodbye』(2010)をMIDI creative/nobleより発表。
映像、舞台への楽曲提供も多く、四作目の『Heavenly Me Last Days』に収録される「Heavenly Me」は柴田剛監督(『おそいひと』『堀川中立売』等)の最新長編映画『ギ・あいうえおス 他山の石を以て己の玉を磨くべし』の中で、唯一の音楽として使用されている。
6年ぶりとなる最新作『Heavenly Me Last Days』は、tuba…diskより2016年9月4日にリリース予定。

He has released three albums; Secret Figure (2006), Little Grace (2008) and Grateful Goodbye (2010) on MIDI creative/noble.
The piano, the winds,the brasses and the strings weave tapestries of tranquil notes, that are full of sadness as well as vibrancy and vitality. The soundscape is so eloquent and storytelling that listeners bring back their own stories.
His works have also been used on a number of films and stages. “Heavenly Me”, recorded on his fourth album, appeared as the sole track on the latest film “Gui aiueo:S”, directed by Gô Shibata (Late Bloomer, Doman Seman, etc).
His first full album in six years, entitled Heavenly Me Last Days, is due to be released in September 2016 on tuba…disk.


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